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What is the Reason? Laban, Two Parts of a Soul Print E-mail

What-Is-The-Reason-Ask-The-Rabbi-JewishYou responded to a story about someone who kashered his house because a kabbalist promised him that doing so would make him rich, “He’s no better than Laban!” Why would you say such a thing? PP


Laban said to Eliezer, “I have cleared the house (Genesis 24:31).” Rashi explains that Laban cleared out all the idols from the house. Rav Yosef Zundel of Nivhardok commented that once Laban saw that he could make money; he was willing to do anything; even kasher his home!

Is it true that a husband and wife are two parts of the same soul? HM

The Iggra diKallah (Matot) says that in many, not all, cases the two are two parts of the same soul, which is why they are attracted to each other.

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