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What is the Reason? Tefillin, Pirsumei Nissa, & Yehudah haLevi Print E-mail

What is the Reason?If a person’s heart is on his right side, does he wear his Hand Tefillin, that point to his heart, on his right? SB


No, he still wears them on his left arm. The Tchebiner explained that a left-handed man wears his Tefillin on his right even though his heart is on his left. It is the arm that matters, not the heart.

You told me that you would answer my question if I emailed it. Here it is: Why did you say that it is possible to wear expensive clothing to a wedding as Pirsumei Nissa, publicizing a miracle? YY

The Chavas Da’as would always sneak into weddings so as not to distract attention from the bride and groom when people would swarm to honor him. However, when invited to a wedding of two poor families, he would make a grand entrance. When asked why he changed his approach, he responded, “Pirsumei Nissa, I am publicizing the miracle of these poor people being able to make a wedding for their children!” (Toledot Yaakov) I encourage people to dress better and more elaborately whenever a wedding, Bris, or Kiddush is celebrating a more than usual miraculous simcha.

Someone told me that this past Tisha b’Av you said that Rabbi Yehudah HaLevi and the Ibn Ezra were related. How? AB

I said that I heard that they were related. I was told by an historian that the Ibn Ezra’s son Yitzchak, who supposedly converted to Islam, was married to Yehuda HaLevi’s daughter, and that the two fathers may have been cousins.

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