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What Is The Reason: Hearing with My Nose Print E-mail

The Answer MachineI overheard you say in Shul that a person must learn how to hear with his nose. Can you please tell me whether you were serious and, if so, what you meant? D.R.


I was serious: Someone asked me for an explanation of: It was taught: Rabbi Natan says: As one would grind the incense, another would say, “Grind thoroughly, thoroughly grind,” because the sound is beneficial for the spices.

I answered: Adam and Eve used four of their five senses in the sin: Eve “heard” the snake, “saw” the fruit, “touched” the tree, and “tasted” the fruit. Neither Adam or Eve sinned with their sense of smell.

Despite their sin, they were able to hear the “Voice of God, the Lord, walking in the Garden,” meaning, they were able to take advantage of their one uncorrupted sense, and still connect to God in such a powerful way that they “heard His voice walking in the Garden.” This is what Rabbi Natan meant when he taught, “sound is beneficial for the spices.” Adam and Eve could have caught the fact that they could still connect to God on a very high level because of the part of them that was not corrupted, and that “sound” offered them an opportunity to repair the sin.

We can apply this when we feel distant from God because of our mistakes to reconnect by “Hearing with Our Noses,” meaning, using the good in us to reconnect.

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