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Countdown to Chanukah 12 Print E-mail

ChanukahOne should light the Chanukah candles before praying Ma’ariv – the evening Service. (Ma’aseh Rav #235) The original Mitzvah was to light the candles when people were returning home from the marketplace and would see the Chanukah candles burning in Jewish homes. However, the Mitzvah now is to light the candles when everyone is gathered at home 

It is appropriate to spend time with everyone in the home as the candles are burning to reflect on how God continues to save us from our troubles.

It is said that the Gra could not pray Ma’ariv before lighting because he would have felt rushed to finish so he could light his menorah. (Menucha V’Kedusha 26:2)

Spend time with the family as the candles burn and reflect on God’s constant miracles that help us survive and thrive.
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