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Haggadah: Lev Aryeh: Torah Study Needs Prayer Print E-mail
Written by Machberes Avodas Hashem   

HaggadahThe 3rd of Nisan is the Yahrtzeit of Rav Aryeh Leib Grossnass, author of Lev Aryeh. Torah study demands prayer that it be guided by truth, and that one should have the peace of mind, heart and soul to concentrate on his learning. One who teaches Torah, and one who issues Halachic rulings must pray even harder that everything he teaches, and all his rulings, be guided by God and bring peace and growth. Even a parent teaching a child must pray that he be guided by God in each lesson he conveys to his child.


This is why we say, “Blessed is the One, Who gave the Torah to His nation, Israel,” before we discuss the Four Sons; it is a form of prayer that our responses to our children be guided by God and His Torah.

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