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Haggadah: A Sense of Wonder Print E-mail

HaggadahThe sense of wonder


that is our sixth sense.


And it is the natural religious sense

D. H. Lawrence

“Tell me father, why do we dip the Karpas?”

“We do it so that you will ask that question.”

I never liked that answer. We dip the Karpas just to make our children ask a question that doesn’t have an answer! We use salt-water to remember the tears, but that is only after we decided to dip the Karpas. There is no reason to dip other than to make our children wonder and ask.

Everything about the Haggadah is about questions: The Ma Nishtana, the Four Sons, and “The wise on, what does he say?” and “Pesach, because of what?” Questions, questions and more questions!

Most of the questions have answers except that first one about dipping. We want our children to ask, yes, but even more so, to ask in wonder. We want our children to always wonder about everything we do. We want them to wonder about every detail of Judaism. We want them to wonder about prayer and each Mitzvah. We want the wonder about all our stories. We want them to grow up to be wonderers.

It is the natural religious sense.

“The larger the island of knowledge, the longer the shoreline of wonder.” Ralph Sockman.

I wonder...can we teach our children to wonder if we do not?

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