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Haggadah: Remaining Connected: From The Diary of A Former Slave Print E-mail

HaggadahMoshe was bothered by the way we danced and rejoiced over the crushed bodies of our former masters. “Listen,” he said, “Do you hear the angels singing?’


I didn’t hear anything. No one heard.

“God did not allow them to sing while His creations were drowning. How can you dance and rejoice like that?”

Easy for him to say; he was never a slave!

We were so drained from the day’s experiences (see Highs & Lows) that we didn’t have the strength to argue.

He does keep on mentioning the Egyptians and telling us that we should not hate them. “They took you into their country.” All this from the man who brought ten plagues on them!

Why should we be grateful to them when they “forgot” what Joseph did for them? I just want to forget them.

My wife and kids say that we can’t forget them if we want to remember the miracles. We cannot forget such an important part of our past. My five year old says that if we forget the Egyptians we will forget the Patriarchs.

OK, but why do we have to be grateful?

My wife says, “If you remember you have to remember everything. Once you pick and choose, you will forget. Whether you like it or not, we are connected to them forever.”

Here I am trying to adjust to a whole new life and everyone is telling me that I can’t let go of the past. Help!!!!

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