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Haggadah: Hiding Places Print E-mail

Pesach SederI find it interesting that we name the part of the Seder when we eat the found Afikoman, Tzafun,” or “Hidden,” rather than “Found.” One of my favorite parts of the Seder is when my children, now older so it’s OK, have failed to find my hiding place for the Afikoman, and have to ask, “Where did you hide it?” Victory is mine!


The problem is that I have to find a new place each year as the kids do not forget all the previous hiding places. There are a limited number of hiding places in a house. The task of hiding challenges my creativity.

It isn’t much different from the way we creatively find places to hide our special talents and gifts. The problem is that we often hide such blessings from ourselves. The joy is not only finding what we have hidden, but, perhaps even more so, discovering where and how we hide so much of ourselves within us.

Tzafun is not only a celebration of discovery of that which was hidden, but a time to reflect on “Where were we hiding all along?”

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