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Haggadah: A New Connection: From the Diary of a Former Slave Print E-mail

PesachWhen we walked outside this morning, we saw all the Egyptians scratching away. They were covered with lice. We all immediately ran to the local Sam HaChaim Pharmacy to pick up lice shampoo and sprays, only to find a large crowd gather around Aaron, Moses’ brother. Chaim the pharmacist was placing large cases of Nix and Licenex shampoos in front of his store.


“I hope the Egyptians do business with you,” Aaron said to him, “none of the Jews will need it.”

“Excuse me rabbi,” Chaim responded, “but you can never be too careful with lice.”

Aaron smiled, “Do you see anyone here scratching their heads? People start itching when they just see others scratching. Not a single Jew will get lice, or even itch.”

We looked around at each other and quickly realized that it was true; no one was scratching. “But, how…” we wondered.

“God is not only punishing the Egyptians, He is protecting each one of you,” said Aaron. “By the way, my brother and I will be lecturing on our heritage this evening at the local slave union office,” and he walked away.

Chaim the pharmacist was upset about all the business he lost, but Aaron turned back and said something very strange, “You will leave Egypt with a fortune of money. All of you. Don’t worry. See you at the lectures.”

This was becoming stranger by the moment. Even the Egyptians were responding differently to this plague than they had to Blood and Frogs. It seems that even their great sorcerers were stumped by this plague. Our former “masters” now looked at us with respect. It’s funny, because I can see that we are all walking with more confidence and hope.

This feeling of God protecting us is remarkable. It’s actually mind-boggling. How can He control even tiny lice and make sure that not a single one lands on a Jew?  I’m going to tonight’s lecture. Hope to see you there.

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