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The Hidden Oasis Print E-mail

HaggadahAh! The pleasure of it! I couldn’t find a book in which I recalled writing copious notes over the past year. I searched through the entire house, you can call it an early search for Chametz. I found money, important receipts, important phone numbers and other important things, but I did not find the book. The search bore many fruit, but not the one intended. I cannot explain why I looked in my pockets for a book, but the search took on a life of its own. I was beginning to enjoy my discoveries, but I still needed that specific book. I looked through all my bookcases, and although I was thrilled to find numerous other notes and books that I had forgotten, I did not find the book.


I sat down at my desk in a mixture of feelings of the joy of discovery and frustration over the book, when I looked at the top of my desk and the book was right there on the bookstand. It was there all along. I cannot begin to tell you how often I spend a great deal of time looking for things that are right there before my eyes, or, in the case of my glasses, right there on top of my head.

Both the thrill of the search and the idea of finding what is right in front of us are part of the theme of Tzafun, when we eat the Afikoman that was hidden. We celebrate the joyous discoveries of life even when we may not find exactly the thing for which we search. We also rejoice in realizing that some many of the things for which we search are right there before our eyes. Sometimes all we need is a Pesach Seder to make both kinds of discoveries.

“What makes the desert beautiful is that somehwere it hides a well.” Antoine De Saint-Expurey

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