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Tehillim Tools: 45:16: Approaching and Approaching Print E-mail

Tehillim“They are brought with rejoicing and gladness, they enter into the palace of the King (Psalms 45:16).” There is a difference between this stage at which, “they are brought,” meaning, when we are approaching our prayer, service, and Torah study, and when we actually merit to stand in the, “Palace of the King.” For once we stand in the King's courtyard; we must be ruled by awe, as we are taught, “Rejoice in trembling.” (Shem miShmuel, Shemini Atzeret 5673)


Approaching prayer, Torah study, and service demands its own discipline; the joy of expectation. The way we approach any of these things will shape and influence what we will accomplish. However, it is possible that when someone approaches prayer, Torah study, or service with such joy, that he will forget the necessary awe to stand before God. Therefore, the actual beginning of the prayer, study, or service, must be with, “Rejoicing in trembling.”

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